tri-FACTa™ Multiplication & Division Game

tri-FACTa™ Multiplication & Division Game
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tri-FACTa Multiplication and Division Game
by Learning Resources

Ages 8 +
Grades 3rd +
Players 2 - 4
Game board measures 10”

Multiply, divide and score with this math game!

Triumph over multiplication and division and excel at having fun! Using numbered playing cards and the familiar triangle board as a visual cue, fill in the missing spots to complete number families. Be the first player to play all your cards, and call out “tri-FACTa"!

Object of the Game
Be the first player to play all your cards, and call out “tri-FACTa™!”
1. Put the game board within reach of all players. Arrange the cards face down around the board.
2. Each player takes a tray, chooses six cards, and places the cards in the tray. Hint: Putting the cards in numerical order on your tray might make game play easier.
3. Make sure all players understand the relationships between the numbers in a fact triangle, in which the two bottom numbers multiply to equal the number at the top. Here are some examples:


Game Boards, 100 Cards, 4 Trays

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