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iTrax Game
by Learning Resources

Ages 6 +
Grades 1st

Use problem solving and a keen eye to win!

A game of tactical tracking and speed! Use problem solving and a keen eye to find the path connecting 2 blocks. Then recreate the path as fast as you can with your own pieces. Watch out, though, your mind could be playing tricks on you! Three levels of play keep you challenged.

Object of the Game:

Find the one path on the game card that connects two cubes, and re-create it using the correct rods and cubes. Be the first player to collect seven cards and win!

Levels: Ace: Beginner, Whiz: Moderate, Brainiac: Hard

How to Play

1. Players look at the top card and find the one path that connects two cubes.

2. Each player then uses their cubes and rods to re-create the path in front of them. As you race to build the path, use a keen eye to make sure the lengths and colors match. (Note: Some paths have extra pieces branching off from them. You do not need to include these pieces as you build.)

3. The first player to complete the path calls out “iTrax!” and all players stop playing. The remaining players should leave their pieces as is in case the path was incorrectly built.

4. Check to see that the path was built correctly. All rods are actual length. If in doubt, lay a rod on top of the card to verify.

5. If the player correctly built the path, he or she keeps the card. If the player incorrectly built the path, he or she sits out the rest of the round. Play continues with the remaining players until one player completes the path correctly.

6. If there are only two players and one player incorrectly builds a path, the other player keeps the card.


  • Includes 44 pieces, 25 double-sided pattern cards and Activity guide
  • Cards measure 8"L x 8"H

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