a-ha! Brainteaser Kit™

a-ha! Brainteaser Kit
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a-ha! Brainteaser Kit™ 

by Thinkfun

Ages 7+
Grades 2 - 8
Players 1
8 unique Brainteaser in a-ha! Brainteaser Kit™ 

This kit contains instructions and materials to create 8 unique Brainteaser Centers in your classroom.

Build students' critical thinking skills with Brainteasers!

Students build problem solving and critical thinking skills as they play through 8 Brainteaser Centers, using hints to help scaffold learning as-needed. The “Aha! Moment” that comes from solving a brainteaser encourages students to exercise logic in new ways and builds confidence to take on more difficult challenges.

  • a-ha! Straight Arrow
  • a-ha! The Missing "T"
  • a-ha! Four T's
  • a-ha! 4-Piece Pyramid
  • a-ha! Starburst
  • a-ha! The Fifth Chair
  • a-ha! Double Square
  • a-ha! Pack It In

Each Brainteaser Challenge helps Students:

  • Build visual, spatial & logic skills
  • Make sense of problems & plan solution pathways
  • Reason abstractly & quantatively
  • Communicate a thinking process


8 Brainteasers, each comes with an Object Card and 3 Hint Cards, Learning Guide

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