Wonders of Science Professor Noggins

Wonders of Science Professor Noggins
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Professor Noggins Wonders of Science
by Outset Media

Ages 7 +
Players 2 - 8

Professor Noggin’s series of educational games encourages kids to learn interesting facts about their favorite subjects - like Wonders of Science!  Each of the thirty game cards combines trivia, true or false, and multiple choice questions. A special three-numbered die is included which creates interaction and promotes communication between players. Easy and hard levels keep kids interested and challenged - while of course having fun!

How To Play:

Players take turns rolling the die and asking each other questions from the cards. If a question is answered correctly, the card is won; if answered incorrectly, the card is returned to the bottom of the pile. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!

Players have a few chances throughout the game to get a Noggin's Choice card. This means they can choose a card from any other player, and get ahead!

Remember the correct answers! If a question is not answered correctly the first time, that question will come up again.


30 Large Illustrated Cards, 1 Three-Numbered Die, and Instruction Sheet

How to Playing the Game:

1. All players collectively decide whether to play the “easy” or “hard” skill level, depending on their level of knowledge about the topic. *See the Variation to play with players of varying skill levels.

2. Place all cards in a pile, picture-side up, on the center of the table.
3. Roll the die to determine who goes first. The first player (Player 1) picks up the top card on the pile, holding it up so everyone can see the picture side of the card. Player 1 then rolls the die. The number on the die determines the question that the card holder will ask from the card.

4. Player 1 now asks the question to the player on his/her right (Player 2). (Remember to ask the question from the skill level that has been chosen.)

5. If Player 2 answers correctly, Player 2 gets to keep the card and place it in his/her winnings pile. If the question is answered incorrectly, the card holder must read aloud the correct answer to all players. The card is then returned to the bottom of the central pile.

6. Player 2 now selects a card from the top of the central pile and rolls the die. Player 2 asks a question, determined by the die, to the player on his/her right. Play continues in a counterclockwise direction around the table until all the cards in the central pile are gone.


Players do NOT get a second turn if they answer correctly.

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