Wild Word Adventure Early Language Game

Wild Word Adventure Early Language Game
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Wild Word Adventure Game Early Language
by Learning Resources

Ages 5 +
Grades Kindergarten +
Players 2 - 4

It's a jungle out there for beginning readers! Motivating game enables them to build 3–, 4– and 5–letter words by simply matching!

Early learners hop around a game board, answer early literacy questions, and work to earn letters to build the word shown on their game card.

  • Reinforces beginning and ending letter sounds and rhyming with simply written game card questions featuring helpful picture cues
  • Supports letter identification, word building and spelling—great for early learners and ELLs
  • Provides 3 levels of play as students build 3–, 4– and 5–letter words 

80 self–checking question cards, 104 lowercase letter cards, 25 word cards (color–coded for 3–, 4– or 5–letter words), 4 animal pawns, and a colorful game board measuring 16.5"L x 16.5"H 


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