Trail Blazer Game

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Ages 7 & Up
For 2 to 6 Players

Face the challenges of the early explorers and pioneers, as you blaze across the country by canoe, horse, covered wagon, paddle wheeler, train or automobile.  Answer questions about our diverse history from the pre-Colonial to the present, collect Treasure Cards and risk your fortunes in a variety of adventures!  The winner is the one who has accumulated the most points by the time one of the players has reached
the end of their trail!

No matter how much or how little you know about American history you'll learn something new - though you'll be having too much fun to notice!


1 trail blazers Game Board, 160 Question Cards, 50 Treasure Cards, 50 Adventure Cards, 1 Card Caddy, 1 Spinner/Compass, 6 Playing Pieces, 1 Score Pad

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