Tic Tac Chec Game

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Ages 5 +
2 Players
Instructions in English, Spanish, & French

Master the basic elements of chess within 5 minutes, including moves and strategy without being intimidated. This quick, fun game combines aspects of both chess and tic tac toe. The object of the game is to get your four pieces, a Knight, a Rook, a Bishop and a Pawn in a line before your opponent does.

Master the basic elements of chess within 5 minutes, including moves and strategy, without being intimidated. You will love these Logic games!

Why not play Tic Tac Chec wooden board game - It’s only logical!

The fastest, easiest way to learn chess and the most popular chess variant in the world.  Millions of people have mastered the basic elements of chess including moves and simple strategy within minutes without being intimidated using this wonderful game.
This new enhanced version of the award winning game has an inlaid wood board with convenient positions to hold the pieces when not in play.
This makes it ideal to leave out on your coffee table. 

It also comes with a zip up storage case.

Research shows learning and playing chess dramatically improves cognitive development, has a positive effect on motivation and school achievement, enhances memory and benefits organizational skills generally.

It also has shown improvement in reading and mathematics.

Award Winner:

DR. TOY Top 10 Game Award
EDUSOURCE Top 10 Game Award
Games Magazine Awar "Games 100 Award"

Tic Tac Chekers / Chess Board measures 190 x 133 mm ( 7.5  x 5.25 inch )

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