Three-Letter Words Write-On Learning

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Three-Letter Words Write-On Learning

Ages 3 - 6
Grades Pre-Kindergarten +
32 Wipe-Clean Flash Cards
2 Dry-Erase Markers Inside!

Small words help launch big reading success!

Recognizing and mastering sight words helps prepare little learners for comprehending text. The bold illustrations and handy wipe-clean surfaces of these Three-Letter Words interactive flash cards make them a great first step to reading!

The First Steps to Reading!
You'll be amazed at how quickly kids recognize, read, and write these common three-letter words on their own.

Preschoolers and kindergarteners can practice tracing letters and spelling words at their own pace. They simply erase and try again. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they will recognize, read, and write these common three-letter words on their own. Change it up, and show them how words string together. Help them write silly sentences. Choose some nouns, adjectives, and verbs from the cards and say them out loud. Kids can write down the sequence that makes them laugh. Also encourage making poems out of the three-letter words. Make the world of words and letters feel easy, fun, and full of possibilities.

Features & Benefits
• 32 interactive cards
• over 100 sight words
• 2 dry erase markers
• wipe-clean surface
• bold, friendly illustrations

Educational Skills:

letters; letter recognition; word recognition; spelling; printing; rhyming; reading readiness; following directions; eye-hand coordination; fine motor skills; printing; tracing;  creativity; imagination; critical thinking; problem-solving

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