The Whole Brain Game

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Ages 11 - Adult
Grades High School +
For Solo Play or Teams of 2 or More
Made in the U.S.A.

The Whole Brain Game is a fast-moving game that reaches hilarity while players respond to easy questions that challenge our normal way of thinking.

"Right-brain" activity is stimulated as players generate ideas, use their imaginations, and work out patterns and relationships.  At the same time, the "left-brain" quickly structures responses using language, logic, sequences and detail.  Players spontaneously think and shout out responses to questions from eight alternating categories.  The outcome is a fun, fast-paced interactive game of "mental" beat-the-clock.

How To Play:
1. Player rolls 8-sided die to determine which Instruction Card to use.
2. Player follows instructions from the Instruction Card and selects the appropriate color from the Category Card.
3. Players rapidly shouts out as many responses to the question posed before the 30-second timer runs out.
4. Players or teams earn points based on the number of acceptable responses.
5. The player or team who reaches 8- points first and has responed to each category Wins!


8 Instruction Cards, 200 Category Cards, 100 Scoring Sheets, 30 Second Timer, 8 Sided Die

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