Telling Time Flash Cards

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Ages: 6 & Up
Made in the U.S.A.

Colorful, easy-to-read cards feature analog clocks and time in numbers and words. Great for test prep and review. Durable cards are self-checking and feature rounded corners for quick sorting.

Look & Say
Say the time on the clock face.  Then turn over the card to see if you're right. Score a point for each correct answer.  Each time you play, try to raise your score. Then play with a partner.

Time-telling Experts
Arrange the cards in order by using the numbers on the back of each card.  This divides the cards into groups.  Starting with the hour cards, practice until you can quickly and correctly tell the time.  Then do the half hours, and so on.  For a challenge, shuffle the cards and name the times.

Sorting Fun
Shuffle the cards.  Pick 10 from the stack.  Put them in time order.  Now try with 25 cards.

Quick-sort Tip
When you stack with the rounded corners lined up, all the cards face the same direction.

Create your own flash card games, too!

Contents: 96 Telling Time Flash Cards

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