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Synonyms Game
Ages 12 - Adult
Players 2 - 8
Playing Time: about 30 minutes

Minutes to learn, a lifetime of fun!

Synonyms is the exciting word challenge that entertains and educates in a fast-paced and fun board game. Can you name 2 synonyms for the word great? Players race their pawns around the board to be the first to collect all the letters of the word SYNONYMS. Roll the die and select a card. You have one minute to earn your letter by naming the designated number of synonyms- unless another player declares a challenge! Minds race at maximum brainpower as each tries to top the other by naming more synonyms. Play as a team or individually and put your verbal skills to the test! Improve your active vocabulary with every game.


1 Synonyms Game Board, 1 playing die, 2 timers, 8 playing pawns, 453 playing cards featuring thousands of vocabulary-building synonyms, scorekeeper Pad and Pencil, Instructions

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