Super Scrabble Board Game

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Ages 8 - Adult
Players 2 - 4

Here's the BUZZ... 

Super Scrabble is the Jazzy new version of the world famous Scrabble game. You'll build words of Mammoth proportions that'll make your opponents Babble. If you have a Knack for the original Scrabble, then this one will Dazzle you!

The best selling word game of all time in a SUPER new version.
Larger game board features more spaces and quadruple point squares.

Everyone loves the timeless game play of Scrabble. Now, with Super Scrabble, you'll be able to add to your fun with more tiles, more spaces and more scoring. 

More tiles 200 wooden letter tiles, comprising a unique letter distribution, that permits you to make words not possible in regular game play (without using blanks). 

More spaces the Super Scrabble game board has nearly twice the amount  of spaces of a standard board (441 spaces compared to 225). The added  room allows your words to spread further and faster than ever before.

More scoring to the familiar double and triple letter and word scoring spaces are added all-new quadruple letter and word scoring spaces, tempting you to reach for bigger and bigger bonuses. 

Same rules best of all, you already know how to play!


441-Space Game Board, History Booklet, 200 Wooden Letter Tiles, Drawstring Letter Storage Bag, 4 Wooden Tile Racks, Score Pad and Special Super Scrabble Booklet with Rules

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