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Ages 4 to 8
Grades Preschool Kindergarten - 3rd Grades
Players 1 to 4

Made in the U.S.A.

A honey of a game for early spellers!

Just as honeybees move from flower to flower collecting nectar to create honey, you'll move around the Spelling Beez game board collecting letters to create words.  With two levels of play, children of all ages will enjoy this unique and educational spelling game. While younger children work to collect letters that spell simple words, older children are challenged by collecting letters for more difficult words.  Older children will also share and learn interesting facts about honeybees as they try to collect the most pollen and nectar points to win the game.  Spelling Beez is all you need to learn your ABC's.


Spelling Beez Game Board, 80 Pollen/Nectar Cards, 60 Spelling Beez Cards, Honeycomb Score Sheets, 4 Worker Bee Playing Pieces, Rules Booklet

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