Spanish Math Vocabulary Quizmo Game

Spanish Math Vocabulary Quizmo Game
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Spanish Math Vocabulary Quizmo Game
Ages 5 +
For 2 - 20 Players

Spanish Math Vocabulary Description:

A bingo style game!

Help children build a strong Spanish Math Vocabulary by matching words
to diagrams, simple problems, or definition to word. This bilingual game
features Spanish math terms and the correlating English term side by side!

  • Designed for students who are at the readiness of beginning stages of reading.

  • Gives children practice in recognizing the capital letters and the lowercase letters of the alphabet.

  • Makes learning the alphabet fun and enjoyable.  Designed for students at first through third grade level.


  • 40 double-sided cards (80 game cards)

  • 70 Calling Cards / 140 Vocabulary Words

  • Plastic bingo markers

  • Spanish and English Instructional Guide

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