Somebody Game

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Ages 6 to 10
Grades 1st - 5th
Players 2 to 4
Made in the U.S.A.

Somebody Game, as a puzzle activity, players draw body parts cards and place a body part on the body board. Level 2 teaches the locations and function of major body parts. Colorful plastic body parts are easily removable and reusable. Five different games provide interest and fun for younger and older kids. SomeBody had received rave reviews from homes to classrooms.

5 Human Anatomy Games

Multi-Level play provides years of enjoyment

Ideal for parent and child to play together

Covers universal science topics taught in school

Includes simple hands-on experiments

1.  Doctor's Orders:  Correctly place 20 body parts on the Somebody Game Board.

2.  Build SomeBody:  Race to complete your SomeBody Game Board by locating Body Parts or answering questions Lose Body Parts during a Body Breakdown, earn wild cards by doing on-the-spot experiments.

3.  Match SomeBody:  Use memory skills to match hidden pairs of Body Parts while avoiding Body Breakdown cards.

4.  SomeBody Fishing:  Collect pairs of Body Parts in a fast-paced card game.

5.  SomeBody Muscles & Bones:  Earn Muscles and Bones by identifying their locations or answering questions.


4 Somebody Gameboards, 4 Reusable Stick-On Body Parts Sheets, 50 Body Parts Cards, 50 Muscles and Bones Cards, 1 Somebody Reference Chart

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