Solar System Audio CD and Book

Solar System - Audio CD and Book
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Solar System Audio CD and Book

Ages 8 & up.
Approx. 30 minutes. Audio CD
32 Page Book
Made in the U.S.A.

Looking for educational materials that do not include Pluto as a planet? We are now shipping our updated Solar System audio CD & Book. As you are likely aware, in accordance with a resolution by the International Astronomical Union on August 24, 2006, Pluto is no longer a planet because it "has not cleared the neighborhood around its orbit."

Rock 'N Learn Solar System has been revised to reflect many other recent discoveries about our solar system, including this latest resolution by the IAU.

This new version features several improved photos from NASA and the Hubble Telescope and does not include Pluto as a planet. Instead, it acknowledges Pluto's status as a "dwarf planet" similar to Ceres and 2003 UB313.

  1. Journey Through Our Solar System
  2. A Yellow Star (The Sun)
  3. Mercury, Planet Number One
  4. The Way It Is on Venus
  5. Planet Earth
  6. Mars is the Place
  7. King Jupiter
  8. Ring Around the Planet Saturn
  9. Planet Number Seven, Uranus
  10. Neptune Tune

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