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Ages: 6 +
Players 2 - 4

Smath Game Description:

Crossword puzzle type play that makes learning math fun! The game that makes math fun!
Now you can sharpen your math skills the funway! Because SMATH makes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division more exciting than ever!

Players use number and symblos tiles to make math equations crossowrd puzzle style. Use the tiles in your hand and the ones already on the board to build your own new equations!

SMATH can be played on two differnet levels: one for beginners and one for more advanced players.

For beginners, start with simple addition and subtraction equations such as tje example shown here.

As players improve their math skills, multiplication and division can be added to game paly and equations.

Players score points by adding the value of the tiles they use for each equation formed. Try to increase your score by covering bonus squares with your tiles.


SMATH game board, 184 playing pieces, 4 game racks, rules

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