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Ages: 8 - Adult

Easy-to-follow DVD shows you how to twist and turn the rubik cube to solve.

Watch as world-famous "cuber" Tyson Mao shows you his secret hints, strategies and techniques for solving the Rubik's Cube. His easy to follow, step-by-step approach will make you a master because, after all...

It works! You can do it!

Rubik's 3x3
The world's most famous puzzle remains the best selling puzzle of all time! Billions of combinations, only one solution. (And, with the help of the DVD you can solve it!)


Now, everyone knows and loves the Rubik’s Cube but only a select few can solve it, but now with the new You Can Do it DVD you can do it!


1 Rubik's 3 x 3 Cube and a DVD

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