Rhyme & Sort Rockets™

Rhyme & Sort Rockets™
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Rhyme and Sort Rockets
by Learning Resources

Ages 4 - 7
Grades Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Durable rockets measure 5“H x 2.25” in diameter
Rockets and 80 rhyming cards

Have a blast reinforcing phonological awareness!

Have a blast reinforcing phonological awareness! Place a photo card in the rocket doorway, then sort cards that rhyme into the correct rocket. Sort by beginning and ending sounds, syllables and more!

The countdown is on. The mission: Launch children’s early literacy skills to the stars. How do they get there? In Rhyme & Sort Rockets , of course! Designed to teach and reinforce rhyming, phonemic awareness, beginning vocabulary, word families, and much more, Rhyme & Sort Rockets features kid -friendly spacecraft and real-life photo cards to help young learners discover all the wonders of language. Propel them into orbit with the following suggested activities and before long you’ll announce, “Mission accomplished!”

A note about phonemic awareness and rhyming: Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. Phonemic awareness plays a critical role in helping children learn to read, write, and spell. Rhyming is one of the basic levels of phonemic awareness. Words rhyme when they have the same sounds at the end, such as bug and rug or whale and pail. Children should be able to listen to words and decide whether or not they rhyme.?


Includes 8 rockets, 80 cards (real-life photos) and Activity Guide

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