Quirky Game

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Ages 8 - Adult
For 2 to 3 Players

Quirky Game Description:

An abstract strategy game of luck of the draw and tactics.

The object of this competitive strategy game is to create your own color triangles on 3 dimensions to gain the highest score.  Oddly enough, your opponent's are trying to do the same.  On every turn, a player draws one marker from the bag and player draws on the board.  Every marker that is drawn must be played, even an opponent's color marker and the unpredictable and peculiar Quirks.

When you position 3 of your colored markers to create one triangle, you advance 3 points.  When you form triangles inside of triangles, stacked on top of triangles, on the triangular-shaped board, you can advance up to 21 points at a time!  But when quirks pop up with a draw from the bag, a very competitive and strategic 3-d threesome is played out!


3 Score Keepers, 15 Orange, Yellow, and Lime Colored Markers of Varying Shapes, 3 Purple, Blue and Black Quirks


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