Purchase A Consumer Math Game

Purchase A Consumer Math Game
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Ages 9 to 14
Grades 4 - 8
Players 2 to 4
Supports State & National Mathematics Standards

Purchase helps students learn to make change and keep correct financial records.

  • Purchase helps students learn to make correct change; keep a financial record of income, expenditures, and balances; reconcile
    cash on hand with the record; and make strategy decisions based
    on probability.

  • Players move around the board and purchase items such as radios, roller skates, skateboards, and more!  They also have opportunities
    to earn money and make strategy decisions.

  • Each player keeps a financial record of purchases, income,
    and cash balance.

  • Play ends when one player runs out of cash. The player with the highest total of purchases wins.


Game Board, 4 Markers, Financial Record Sheets, Currency and Coins



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