Primary Science Mix & Measure Set

Primary Science Mix & Measure Set
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Primary Science Mix & Measure Set

Ages 3 - 7
Grades Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Explore and compare measurements!

  • Chunky, colorful tools are contoured for little hands
  • Scale, bowl, 3 self-standing spoons and 6 unique cup designs help children visualize quantities
  • Activity Cards guide children in making mystery goo, puffy paint, slime and more!
  • Bowl measures 4.75”H x 6” in diameter

The recipe for measurement success is here! The Primary Science Mix & Measure Set builds children’s understanding of basic measurement equivalencies as they follow simple scientific “recipes.” Mix up some fun with science!

Award Winner:

  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award (2012)
  • Creative Child- Kids Product of the Year Award (2012)
  • 2012 Noise on Toys award
  • 2012 Noise on Toys Platinum Choice Award
  • Parents Magazine 2012 Best Toys Award

Children using the Primary Science Mix & Measure Set will:

• Use real, child-friendly measuring tools to explore
• Perform activities and follow recipes that are both engaging and educational
• Learn basic measurement vocabulary
• Use the five senses to explore and observe
• Begin to understand equivalency as it relates to measurement Get ready for an adventure in measurement!

Suggested Use:
• Introduce the Primary Science Mix & Measure Set to children by showing and naming the pieces. Demonstrate how each piece can be used in experiments. (Note: A photo of each piece and its name is shown on the reverse side of this guide.)
• Give children time to explore the measurement tools on their own. This will ensure that they have a basic understanding of how the tools work.
• Allow children “free play” time with the measurement tools (except for the scale) and water. This gives children an opportunity to play and practice using the tools before following the activity and recipe cards.

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