Presto Change-O Money Game

Presto Change-O™ Game
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Presto Change-O Money Game

Ages 8 +
Grades 3 +
Players 2 - 4

The Magical Money Game!
Think before you spend, or your money “magically” disappears!

“Magically” teaches children about everyday financial decisions. (Watch out, or your money goes “Poof!”)

Join Presto Change-O, the master magician, on an exciting race around town that will have players earning, spending, and saving money! Receive a birthday gift of $2.00. Pay $1.50 admission to the Museum of Magic. Earn $0.75 babysitting bunnies. Earn interest on your savings at the Abracadabra Bank. Each transaction in this fast-paced game is designed to hlep kids learn to make change quickly and confidently - just like magic! Be the first to save $10.00 and you're the Presto Change-O champ!


Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award


Game board, dice, game pawns, markers, realistic bills and coins, and Activity Guide

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