Presidents and U.S. Government Audio CD and Book

Presidents & U.S. Government Audio CD & Book
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Presidents and U.S. Government Audio CD and Book
by Rock N Learn

Ages 10 +
Approx. 37 minutes Audio CD
32 Page Book
Made in the U.S.A.
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Learn the Presidents quickly and easily with fun rap songs!

Cool songs help you learn the Presidents along with important facts about the United States Government. From George Washington to Barack Obama, practice learning the Presidents by inauguration date, number, or last name only. Separate songs present key facts about the executive, legislative, and judicial branches including functions, qualifications, and more.

Rock 'N Learn Presidents & U.S. Government also includes entertaining songs for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. And as an added bonus, we've provided a fun, but challenging rap song about all 43 Presidents. We've even included a music-only version for you to create your own performances!

Rock 'N Learn Presidents & U.S. Government CD is approximately 37 minutes. It includes a reproducible book with song lyrics and fun facts about each President along with a list of presidents in order . Teachers have permission to photocopy pages of the book for instructional use.

This CD and book combination offers a fun way to learn Presidents and memorize facts about the U.S. government.

  1. The Presidents of the U.S.A.
  2. Presidents by Number
  3. Presidents - Last Name Only
  4. The Executive Branch
  5. The Legislative Branch
  6. The Judicial Branch
  7. Talkin' About George Washington
  8. Abraham Lincoln Song
  9. Fun Rap about each President
  10. Fun Rap about each President (instrumental version)

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