Preschool 2 CD's Computer Software

Preschool Two-Pack Computer Software
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Preschool Two-Pack Computer Software
by School Zone

Ages 3 - 4
2 CD-Roms
Whiteboard Friendly

Help your preschooler achieve super-hero powers of observation! This On-Track Software set contains the titles Same or Different and Thinking Skills. The pair helps teach important skills, including comparing, sequencing, classifying, following directions, problem solving, matching and more. Determining “same” or “different” requires focus, concentration, and reasoning. To compare and contrast items means looking for details—a critical reading readiness skill. It also helps set the stage for learning numbers, counting, and math. As part of the On-Track series, these programs “track” a child’s progress, color-coding correct/incorrect answers and giving preschoolers an at-a-glance review of their work. This also gives them the chance to go back and make corrections. Combined with audio guidance, step-by-step instructions, and instant grading, the software promotes self-paced learning. Both titles also offer positive reinforcement through audio encouragement, reward animations, and a variety of games. Plus, your preschoolers can print progress reports and/or certificates of completion.

• In Same or Different your preschooler, with audio guidance, takes a close and careful look at object groups, pictures, and letter combinations to determine which are the same and which are different. Some are easy to spy right away, but others demand more focus on and differentiation of small details. Bold animations and charming games make it fun.

• In Thinking Skills little learners look carefully at the pictures to decide what happened first and what happened next (sequencing), how to complete a sentence by evaluating clues and context, and practice classifying and categorizing objects based on likeness, difference or relationship. A friendly voice of encouragement and lots of great animation keep the energy high and the action rolling.

Developed by teachers and educational experts, software is designed with a unique progress tracking feature, allowing children to work at their own pace. Activities are combined with playful animations, silly sounds effects, and fun games, all rewards for work well done! Each box contains two titles for twice the learning and fun!

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