Pick Two Deluxe Game

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by Outset Media

Ages 8 - Adult
Players 3 to 8 Players

PICK TWO! DELUXE The Unique CrossWord Game
It's Fast, It's Fun, and It's Always Challenging!
Players scrabble through letter tiles and build their own crosswords as fast as they can. Unlike other crossword games, everyone plays at the same time, resulting in short games with high playability. An enjoyable way to improve language and spelling skills.

Just remember when you yell "Pick Two" everything changes!

In Pick Two! Deluxe, each player draws letter tiles, building their own personal crossword as fast as they can. Whenever players use all their letters they yell "Pick Two! Deluxe" and everyone, including that player, draws TWO MORW tiles. The Catch? These tiles must now be added to your crossword. The Best Part? You can always change your crossword by rearranging letters and even words to use up your tiles. When the center pile of tiles is gone, the first one done...WINS!

What makes PickTwo Deluxe so Good? It's fast, it's exciting, and it's a game where everyone is playing at the same time. There is none of this sitting around watching someone think about what word to play next.


240 Pick Two Letters Tiles, 1 Tile Bag, 1 Score Pad, 1 Pencil

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