Patton on Leadership Cards

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These cards were edited and selected from the book Patton on Leadership: Strategic Lessons for Corporate Warfare by Alan Axelrod.
"Patton is the personification of leadership projected through the force of personality. Patton on Leadership provides valuable insights into the precepts of this celebrated twentieth - century warrior."
Sample Card:
42. People Are Your Business
The soldier is the army. No army is better than its soldiers.

It is not difficult to translate this observation into civilian terms. No business, firm, or organization is better than the people who run it, who execute the directives of management. This is simple - so simple that it is easy to forget. Too often, managers think of their business in terms of the product it produces.
Think you've in the shoe business? Think again. You're in the people business - in the business of recruiting, training, and managing people who happen to make shoes. Shoes are the byproduct of this people business. The product is people. 
Patton understood that the solider is the army. While other commanders pored over maps and debated plans of attack. Patton trained, disciplined, and prepared his soldiers. With good soldiers, he knew, the mission whatever it might be -  would be accomplished.
Each Card is divided into two sections:
1.) Initial text recounts significant historical events, detailed in Patton's own words.
2.) Text in italics interprets the "Lessons" Patton has bestowed upon us and applies them to present-day business situations.

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