Pahrcheesi Game

Classic Pahrcheesi Game
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Pahrcheesi Game

Ages 6 - Adult
Players 2 - 4

Parcheesi, a family classic since the 1860s, is the ultimate race and chase board game.

The classic race to home game! Includes game board, 16 movers, dice, rules.

Parcheesi is an American version of the Ancient game of Pachisi, the national game of India, in which you race around a track on the game board, attempting to block your opponents while moving your markers to the goal. The game is also known as Pachisi, Parchisi, Parchesi, and Twenty-Five, and is a descendent of the older game of Chaupar.

Pachisi (also spelt Parcheesi, Pachisi, Parchisi, Parchesi; also known as Twenty-Five) is the National Game of India. The name comes from the Indian word "pacis" which means twenty five, the highest score that could be thrown with the cowry shells. Pachisi is, in fact, the younger sister of Chaupar (or Chausar or Chaupad, also known as Pat in Sanskrit), a more venerable, complex and skilful game that is still played in India.

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