Multiplication 0 - 12 Facts Math Flash Cards

MULTIPLICATION 0 - 12 All Facts Flash Cards
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MULTIPLICATION 0 - 12 All Facts Flash Cards

Ages 8 +
Grades: 2nd Grade - 4th Grade
Made in the U.S.A.

Make it fun to master multiplication! This set contains all facts 0 x0 through 12 x 12. You'll build skills for test prep and learning success as you play games like these:

* Flash a Fact

Solve each problem. Check your answer on the back. Stack the "practce neede" cards in one pile, and use them to play the games below.

* Fact Fun

Shuffle the cards and, with the answer side down, deal the cards. Each player solves his or her equations and writes the answer on paper. Then each player finds the sum of all the answers. High score wins!

* Facts in a Row

After dealing the cards, each player must arrange the cards in numerical order of the answers. Turn over the cards to see if you're right.

Each equation is presented two ways to reinforce multiplication skills. Great for test prep and review. Cards are self-checking, colorful, durable, and feature rounded corners for quick sorting.


169 Mulitpy Cards

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