Moneywise Kids Game

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Ages 7 & Up
For 2 Players
2 Levels of Play
Made in the U.S.A.

Makes Money Management Fun!

Practice making change while players earn a $100.00 bill. Then learn to budget money while spending it on life's necessities, such as housing, food, and clothing. Two simple, fast-paced games to improve valuable math skills that kids will use all their lives.

Includes facsimiles of real U.S. money. Tips are features that parents
and teachers can use to connect MoneyWise play with the real world.


  • Counting Bills In Denominations of $1 to $100

  • Exchanging smaller bills for larger bills of equal value

  • Making correct change

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Multiples (5,10,15..)

  • Place Value

  • Budgeting and Money Management


  • 2 "Bill Board" game boards

  • 2 Sets of Bills From $1 to $100

  • 16 Moneywise Markers

  • 2 Die

Educational Value: Players practice these math skills: counting bills, making change, exchanging smaller bills for larger bills of equal value, multiples, budgeting and money management skills.

Award Winner:

Dr. Toy Best 10 Educational Products
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio "Gold Seal"
National Assoc. of Parenting Publications Award
Great American Toy Test "Top 20"
Consumer's digest "Your Money" Holiday Gift Guide
Family Circle Magazine "Best holiday Gift"

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