Math Word Problems DVD Video

Rock n Learn Math Word Problems DVD Video
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Math Word Problems DVD Video
by Rock n Learn

Ages 8 +
Grade 3 (Also useful for 4th grade review)
Approx. 58 minutes
Correlated to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards.
Made in the U.S.A.

Marko the Pencil helps students boost math skills and score high on tests. Students learn how to read problems carefully, identify relevant information, use pictures and diagrams, and look for patterns. Clear explanations and outrageous humor make this DVD fun and effective.

Math Word Problems DVD gives students valuable practice with problems involving:

  • multiplication, division and other operations
  • counting money and making change
  • time passage and clocks
  • graphs, charts, number lines, and coordinates
  • congruent shapes
  • estimating and identifying fractions
  • units of measurement
  • temperature
  • patterns
  • number sentences and fact families
  • making a diagram, list, table, or chart to solve a math problem
  • understanding place value
  • line of symmetry
  • multi-step problems
  • estimation
  • simple geometry, area, and perimeter
  • simple probability
Award Winner:
Coalition for Quality Children's Media Kids First!
Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award

Rock 'N Learn assembled a team of teachers known for getting high scores from their students on state-mandated math tests. We also examined standardized tests in several states and discovered the winning strategies for boosting scores and reducing stress. Marko's clear explanations, fun songs, and outrageous humor add to the excitement.

Although the math material on this DVD is at a third grade level, students in the fourth grade will also benefit from the review of concepts and strategies for getting top scores on a standardized math test.

Marko the Pencil's irresistible humor throughout the program helps students stay focused. Step by step, kids practice the top strategies proven to boost their test scores on a math test. They learn to analyze word problems, filter extraneous information, and rule out multiple-choice options that could not be correct. By following these steps, students have a much better chance of choosing the right answers.

Students learn the importance of reading each problem carefully, checking answers to see if they are reasonable, and knowing their math terms and definitions.

As a special reward at the end of Math Word Problems DVD, Marko the Pencil makes an appearance at the Golden Stylus Comedy room. His clever math jokes will have kids laughing and retelling the jokes to others. Marko is played by Vic Mignogna, Best Actor, 2007 American Anime Awards.

Get started right now helping your child or students build confidence and develop the skills for success on a standardized math test.

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