Math War Addition & Subtraction Cards

Math War Addition and Subtraction Game Cards
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Math War Addition and Subtraction Game Cards
by School Zone

Ages 6 +
56 Math War Addition & Subtraction Game Cards
Card Size: 3.375" x 6.375"
Made in the U.S.A.

Engage your child in a game of Math War where everyone is a winner!

Math War is an exciting card game that will help your child learn and practice addition and subtraction facts.

This fun, yet competitive game, helps kids focus and solve basic addition and subtraction problems. Kids play together, flipping over cards and solving the problems on each, and the one with the highest card value wins both cards. This is the perfect tool to prepare your child for those school time tests today!

Fun Features & Big Benefits

• Big, bright numbers
• Kid-friendly pictures on each card
• Basic addition and subtraction with numbers 1-10
• Thick, glossy cardstock
• Rounded corners for easy sorting
• Parent Card includes game rules and variations
• Includes Answer Card for quick reference
• A learning game that goes where you go!

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