Math Story Problems Workbook Grades 2 - 4

Math Story Problems Workbook
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Math Story Problems Workbook

Ages 7 - 9
Grades 2 - 4

Math Story Problems Book - Grades 2 - 4 gives your children an opportunity to reinforce the skills involved in solving story problems.

Through the identification of KEYWORDS, students learn how to determine the correct math processes needed to solve the issues. "Students learn how to read and identify the keywords that help solve word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or simple fractions. Bound in a workbook format, each book includes two pages of answer keys and 40 story-problem pages perforated for use as reproducible."

Educational Benefits:

* Addition & Subtraction up to Three Digits without Regrouping
* Addition & Subtraction up to Three Digits with Regrouping
* Money under One Dollar
* Simple Multiplication 

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