Math Dash Game, Equivalent Fractions Game

Math Dash Game, Equivalent Fractions Game
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Math Dash Game, Equivalent Fractions Game

Ages 9 +
Grades 3 +
Players 2 to 8
Title One Approved!

The fun way to practice Equivalent Fractions!

In this exciting game of skill and strategy, players race to see who can correctly identify equivalent fractions and place four playing pieces in a row. Players will discover the need to block their opponents' moves as they strategically place their playing pieces.

Welcome to Math Dash - the game that lets you showcase your math skills by being the first to get four in a row!

Easy directions allow for more learning time!

Players take turns reading the numerical or pictorial fractions on their playin pieces and placiing each on a correct equivalent fraction on the board.

The first player to put four of his or her playing pieces IN A ROW on spaces wiht the correct equivalent fractions wins the game! In this game of skill and strategy, players will have to think fast to find an area where they can build their four in a row - the four in a row can run vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. But remember - players from putting four pieces in a row.

As they master their equivalent fractions, players will soon see how fast they can outfox their opponents!


Math Dash Equivalent Fractions Game Board
288 Playing Cards

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