Mastermind Game

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Ages 8 - Adult
Players 2
Playing Time: 30 minutes or less

The classic game that brings together a codemaker and a codebreaker.


The game that you go back to again and again has now been given a totally contemporary makeover! The new translucent game base and bright code pegs make it as much fun to look at as it is to play! 

A dramatic change that will delight every MASTERMIND player - novice or pro!

Are You a Mastermind?

In order to win in this classic board game, players must use strategy and problem solving skills to outsmart their opponent.  One player is the codemaker and creates a code of colored pegs. The other player is the codebreaker and attempts to break the code with help from clues given by the codemaker.  Players take turns being codemaker and codebreaker and whoever breaks the code in the least amount of moves wins.  Once the code is broken, the players can switch, finding out who can break the code more quickly, to get the title of MASTERMIND. Helps build logic skills!

Award Winners:

Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys 2009


Mastermind Game Console w/ built in Storage Tray & Code Shield 
108 Code Pegs in 6 Colors 
30 Key Pegs in two Colors 

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