Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab
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The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

Ages 5 +

Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride with the Magic School Bus as they explore the field of chemistry. Young Scientists make sticky ice, use litmus paper, measure pH, perform chromatography, make bubble sculptures, wake-up fungus, create slime, form a bouncy ball, learn about density, produce a milk rainbow, plate copper, explode a volcano, and much, much more! This exhilarating bus-shaped kit comes packed with science components, 51 colorful experiment cards and a data notebook to record observations. Seatbelts, everyone!

Get ready to experiment with Chemistry Lab over 50 Experiments Cards!

Award Winner:

Creative Child Magazine 2011 Preferred Choice Award


50 Experiment Cards, large petri dish, string, pepercorn, balloon, Popsicle stick, piece of iron, ph chart, measuring cup, vial of pH paper (50 strips), pipette, blue litmus paper (25 strips) in vial, red  litmus paper (25 strips) in vial, data notbook, pencil, goggles, measuring spoon, funnel, (3) test tubes, soap, small piece of cardboard, clay, glue, Borax, yeast, chomatography paper (12 strips), piece of foil, liquid dish soap, straw, bus,ruler,test tube brush

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