MASTERMIND® Travel Edition Game

MASTERMIND® Travel Edition Game
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MASTERMIND Travel Edition Game
by Pressman Toys

Ages 7 +
Players 2

The Challenging game of Logic and Deduction!

The classic game of codemaker vs codebreaker in a take-anywhere edition.

The Object:
The codemaker sets up a hidden code. The codebreaker must guess the colors of the pegs and the order that they're in.

The Challenge:
The Codebreaker has just 8 turns to get it right.

The Clues:
The Codmarker places scooring pegs after each turn the Codebreaker takes. Using logic and deduction, the Codebreaker must figure out what the patterns are telling him.

The Deluxe Travel Edition:
Nowthe world classic game MASTERMIND® goes everywhere you do in this deluxe travel edition. The plastic game console has a hinged cover and storage area to keep everything in place. The designed easy-grip pegs come in updated colors. With over 2000 combinations possible, MASTERMIND® is a challenge every time you play!


Game console with hinged cover, 60 code pegs in 6 colors, 15 red scoring pegs, 15 white scoring pegs, rules.

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