KYRO 5™ Game

KYRO 5™ Game
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KYRO 5™ Game

Ages 7 +
Grades 2nd +
Players 2 +

The Strategy game of five in a row!

Be the first to place a row of 5 pyramids and you win this game of wits and strategy!

How to Play:

  • Choose a color and collect your pyramids.
  • Players take turns placing one pyramid at a time, each touching another
    pyramid on at least one side or corner.
  • Once all pyramids are placed, remove and relocate played pyramids, one at a time.
  • The first player to line up five pyramids in a row wins the game!


The first player to build a continuous line of five pyramid pieces—either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically— wins.


Each player gets 12 pyramid pieces of one color.


12 Green pyramid pieces, 12 Blue pyramid pieces, 1 Game piece holder, 1 Guide

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