Jumbo Magnetic Spinner

Jumbo Magnetic Spinner
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Jumbo Magnetic Spinner

All Grades

Includes 3 dry-erase double-sided inserts!

Transform your whiteboard into an interactive, whole-class game space! Simply place the spinner on your whiteboard and use your dry-erase markers to create games and activities you need—the possibilities are limitless. From a classroom management tool to subject-specific games, the Jumbo Magnetic Spinner gets kids on their feet and participating.

Using Your Jumbo Magnetic Spin Wheel
1. Attach the wheel to your whiteboard. Choose a spot where students can spin the wheel freely. If appropriate for the designated activity or game, place the wheel where the rest of your whiteboard can be used in game play.
2. Choose a card for your game or activity. Use a dry-erase marker to label the card before you attach it to the wheel. If a card has one or two too many sections for your activity, you can offer those spaces as a “free choice.”
3. Slightly bend or “bow” the card to secure the four tabs in position in the four slots in the wheel’s frame.
4. You’re ready to begin!

Note: Be sure to use only dry-erase markers. Test your marker on a small area of the card. Remember to erase any printing when you’re done. Do not allow the printing to remain overnight.

Classroom Management Activities
Who’s Responsible?
Write classroom responsibilities on the 8-section card.
Here are some suggestions:

Pledge Leader, Pet Keeper, Board Chief, Janitor, Line Leader, Messenger, Paper Monitor, Teacher’s Helper. Have students spin to determine their daily tasks. Keep track of students’ responsibilities so that everyone has a chance to contribute in each position.

Whose Turn?
Write each student’s name in the 32-section card. Spin to select students for games, activities, or tasks including: selecting individuals to answer a question; choosing partners, groups, or teams; or assigning tasks such as “recorder” for a discussion group or a role in a readers’
theater production.

Good for Us!
Use the 4-section card to write activities to reward your class for good work. For example: 100% attendance for a week, meeting goals for
number of books read or cans recycled, achievement of fundraising goals or other class effort, etc. Suggested rewards might include: no-homework day, game time, special activity at recess, extra teacher read-aloud time. For extraordinary class achievements, you might offer a special snack or treat or even a small class party.

Good for Me!
Use the 4-section card to write small prizes or incentives in the sections. Have individual students who have shown significant improvement in their academic work or behavior spin to select a reward such as: a sticker, colorful pencil, decorative eraser, or a trip to your class treasure chest.

What Now?
Choose a card to write activities from which students can choose after they have completed their work. Explain to students that when they are done with an assignment, they can spin the wheel to choose an activity.

Here are some suggestions: visit a center, visit the library, draw a picture, play a game with a friend, read a book, work on the computer, free choice, or other student-suggested ideas.

Learning Activities
Reinforce lesson-based skills with these spin-tastic activities.

• Label wheel sections with the color words: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, black, and brown. Students take turns spinning the spinner and finding something in the classroom that matches the color spun.

• Draw and label a shape in each wheel space: square, circle, triangle, and rectangle. Students take turns spinning the spinner and finding something in the classroom that matches the shape spun.

Language Arts
• Write consonants in the wheel spaces. Have students take turns spinning the wheel, identifying the consonant spun, and saying (or
writing on the board) a word that begins or ends with it.
• Write vowels in the wheel spaces. Have students take turns spinning the wheel, identifying the vowel on which the wheel lands, and saying a word (or writing one on the board) that contains the vowel's short or long sound.
• Write word families in the wheel spaces, such as –ab, –ad, –ag, –am, –an, –ap, –at, –ack. Have students take turns spinning the wheel, saying a word that belongs to the word family spun, and writing it on the board. Teams of students can compete with one another. Just spin the wheel and have team members write as many words as they can on the board using the word family spun.
• Write sight words in the wheel spaces. A student spins the wheel. When it stops, the student reads the word and uses it in a sentence or writes a sentence using it on the board.
Write story prompts in the wheel spaces. Students spin the wheel to start a story. Students can work together to tell a progressive story aloud, or use the prompts to write individual stories in their journals.
• In the wheel spaces, write reading comprehension questions about a book your class is reading; for example: Who is your favorite character? What is the story’s setting? Summarize the plot. What genre is the story? What is something you learned from the story? Students take turns spinning the wheel and discussing the answers.

• Write numbers in the wheel spaces. Students take turns spinning the spinner and naming the number that comes before or after the number spun.
• Write a number 1–12 in the wheel spaces. Write an operation symbol and the numbers 1–12 on your whiteboard. Students take turns spinning the wheel and practicing their math facts. Teams can compete against one another.
Just spin the wheel and have one member of each team write the answers to the problems using the number spun.
• Write number problems in the wheel spaces. Students take turns spinning the wheel and adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing to solve the problems.

Active Fun
Write exercises in the wheel spaces, such as: jumping jacks, arm circles, toe touches, knee bends, hopping in place, running in place, etc. Have students take turns spinning the spinner and leading the class in performing the exercise.

• Jumbo magnetic wheel
• 3 Double-sided,
write-on/wipe off cards
(4 sections/8 sections,
32 sections/blank,
6 sections/12 sections)

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