Hundreds Board Puzzles

Hundred Board Puzzles
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by Learning Resources

Ages: 5 +
Grades Kindergarten +

Develops number sense, counting, number sequencing, skip counting, number patters, logical thinking skills, and more...

Tactile, visual and color-coded to progress in difficulty. Support number sense, operations, number patterns (skip counting), problem solving, logic and spatial reasoning. Easiest puzzle base features all 100 numerals, while others show evens, odds, or challenging random numerals! Base reverses to blank grids for assessment or more difficulty.

Supports key NCTM concepts!

  • Supports number sense, operations, skip counting (and other number patterns), problem solving, logic, and spatial reasoning
  • Easiest puzzle base features all 100 numerals, while others show only evens, odds, or challenging random numerals.
  • Offers increased difficulty as well as options for quizzes and assessment when you flip the base cards over to reveal blank grids
  • Includes 6 different double–sided write & wipe puzzles measuring 9"L x 10"H
  • Guide features intervention strategies

Tactile, visual and color–coded to progress in difficulty. This set of puzzles offers a new twist on the familiar hundred grid to offer more math practice.


6 Double-Sided Write & Wipe Puzzles (9" x 10 1/2"), Numbers printed on one side of the board for early learners, reverse side shows a blank hundred grid for the ultimate puzzle challenge, Activity Guide with intervention strategies

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