Hail to the Chief Game

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Ages 10 +
Grades 5th +
For 2 to 4 Players
Made in the U.S.A.
Players move around the outside of the board answering questions on presidents and the Constitution, as you become a candidate. Then travel from state to state on the campaign trail answering questions on US history and geography to win electoral votes. Winner is the first person to make it to Washington, D.C. first with enough electoral votes.

Unique Features:

1. Each president is pictured on the board and is updated when a new president is elected.

2. Four levels of play allow parents and children to campaign together
with everyone choosing the level that's right for them.

3. Over 650 questions that cover facts on US history, geography, the Constitution and presidents

A Presidential Election Game in Two Exciting Parts!

Part 1: The Convention
Candidates travel around the outside track of the game board. They win delegate votes by landing on presidents and answering questions on the presidency and the Constitution. As soon as a player had the minimum number of delegate votes, he or she can hit the campaign trail.

Part 2: The Campaign
Candidates move into the center of the board and travel from state to state. They win electoral votes by answering questions on U.S. history and geography.

The Winner:
The player who earns the minimum number of electoral votes and reaches the American eagle first is the next President of the United States.

Four Levels of Play
Children and adults can play together by electing one of four levels of questions. Challenge for everyone!

Educational Value:
Learn how the election process works as well as fascinating historical
and geographical facts.


Campaing Cards, State Cards, President Cards, US Map Game Board, Score Pad, 2 Dice, 4 Playing Pieces, Rule Booklet

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