Grammillionaire Game

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Ages 12 - Adult
Grades 6 - 12
For 2 -6 Players

Grammillionaire is a exciting and challenging game teaches and reinforces grammar with a focus on intermediate English Language Learners and ESL programs. Players move up the pyramid while answering multiple-choice questions relating to a variety of grammar topics including parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, plurals, types of sentences, and more. The first player to reach the top becomes a GramMillionaire!

Players correctly answer multiple-choice grammar questions and move up the grammar pyramid to be the first to win a million dollars!

Players listen to, read and answer multiple-choice grammar questions related to a variety of grammar topics including verb tenses, gerunds and infinitives, questions, conditionals, make-do, articles, adjective clauses, comparisons, prepositions and more!

Players face challenges and surprises as they make their way up the pyramid!

For intermediate to advanced English & English as a Second Language (ESL)!

Level of Learning: 
Ages 12 and up!  English as a Foreign Language Learners: low-high English proficiency and 6th - 12th grade English students.


  • GramMillionaire Game Board

  • 6 Pawns

  • 25 Give Me A Break

  • 150 Multiple Choice Question Cards

  • Instructions/Grammar Topic Reference List

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