Go fish Reel in Responsibility Game

Go fish Reel in Responsibility Game
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Go fish Reel in Responsibility Game
by Franklin Learning Systems

Ages 5 +
Grade Kindergarten +

Play-2-Learn Go Fish: Reel in Responsibility is a fun new card game that is based on the classic game of Go Fish. The vibrantly colored decks of cards have open ended questions that teach players how to interact with others at school and at home in a responsible manner. Some cards ask players to decide whether a wide range of scenarios depict responsible or irresponsible behavior and explain why. Other cards deal with the benefits of being responsible. With each correct answer, players will be able to match their fish pairs. The player with the most pairs of matching fish wins the game.

Educational Benefits:

• Players learn the importance and the benefits of acting responsibly.
• Players learn the consequences of irresponsible behavior.
• Players learn how to identify responsible behavior versus irresponsible behavior and model what is right.
• Players learn how to develop the necessary skills to make responsible choices.

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