Go Fish Catch and Release your Anger Game

Catch and Release your Anger Game
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Catch and Release your Anger Game
by Franklin Learning System

Ages 5 +
Grades Kindergarten +

Play-2-Learn Go Fish: Catch and Release your Anger is a fun new card game that is based on the classic game of Go Fish. The vibrantly colored decks of cards have open ended questions that allow players to learn to manage anger. With each correct answer, players will be able to match their fish pairs. The player with the most pairs of matching fish wins the game. Play-2-Learn Catch and Release your AngerTM is designed to help children manage anger in a thoughtful and nonaggressive way. Each card will offer a scenario where someone has done something as a result of an angry situation. Each player will be given the opportunity to reflect on the scenario and discuss whether or not it was a good way to handle angry feelings. There are cards which also offer techniques to diffuse anger and to help deal with angry feelings in a more productive way.

Educational Benefits:

• Players learn the importance and the benefits of diffusing anger.
• Players learn how to handle anger in a positive and non-aggressive way.
• Players learn various techniques to channel anger and destructive feelings.
• Players learn the consequences of handling anger inappropriately.

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