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Cast Away Conflict Game
by Franklin Learning Systems

Ages 5 +
Grades Kindergarten +

Play-2-Learn Go Fish: Cast Away Conflict is a fun new card game that is based on the classic game of Go Fish. The vibrantly colored decks of cards have open ended questions that allow players to manage conflict in a non-threatening way while giving examples from their own experience and discussing the benefits of handling conflict in a positive way. With each correct answer, players will be able to match their fish pairs. The player with the most pairs of matching fish wins the game. Play-2-Learn Go Fish: Cast Away Conflict provides players with the skills needed to manage conflict in an assertive, but non-violent way. Players read scenario cards that contain conflict situations and are asked to solve the conflict in a way that is fair to both sides. Guidelines are suggested for knowing when to call on a trusted adult for guidance. In all scenarios, players are asked to explain their answers to generate communication and internalization.

Educational Benefits:

• Players learn the skills needed to manage conflict in an assertive and non-violent way.
• Players learn the skills needed to avoid and resolve conflict.
• Players learn that overcoming conflict in a calm and thoughtful way can lead to healthier and happier relationships.
• Players learn the basic strategies to appropriately deal with conflict and to recognize when intervention by an adult is needed.

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