Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks

Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks
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Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks
by Learning Resource

Ages 4 - 8
Grades Pre-Kindergarten +
Includes 47 pieces and Activity Guide

Giant pattern blocks, perfect for a demonstration!

Reinforce shape recognition, symmetry, congruency, fractions, area and more! Perfect for demonstration, proportionately sized pieces are 3 times the length of standard pattern blocks on each side—and 9 times greater in total area! Largest piece (hexagon) measures 6”.

Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks include six shapes in six colors.

Use these Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks for the demonstration on a magnetic whiteboard, along with Pattern Blocks for student exploration. Use them to enrich students’ experiences with spatial visualization, patterns, symmetry, congruence,
similarity and even fractions. Before performing the activities, give students time to explore freely with pattern blocks. Students can create interesting designs or patterns and show them to the entire class using these Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks.

Identifying Pattern Blocks and their Attributes
Depending on students’ knowledge, you may want to introduce shape names. Ask, “How would you describe this block?” (Answer: Yellow, six sides; hexagon.) Display the other Pattern Blocks and ask students to describe the blocks by attribute, such as color, number of sides, and shape name. Sort by the attributes you’ve identified.

Exploring Symmetry
As students watch, trace around each of the Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks on the whiteboard. Also, trace them on paper and make copies for children to cut out and fold. Then, using a student’s papers, fold one of the shapes into two matching parts.
Explain that the fold line is a line of symmetry. On the whiteboard, draw the lines of symmetry within the shape using dotted lines. Ask students to fold their shapes along the lines of symmetry in as many ways as they can to find two matching parts.

What's in the Box?

Set of 47 pieces includes:
• 4 Yellow Hexagons
• 8 Red Trapezoids
• 9 Large Blue Rhombuses
• 6 Orange Squares
• 12 Green Triangles
• 8 Small Tan Rhombuses

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