Geoboards Transparent 5 x 5 Pin Array

GEOBOARD Transparent 5 x 5 Pin Array
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GEOBOARDs Transparent 5 x 5 Pin Array

Ages 5 - 13
Grades K - 12

Teach students the basics of geometric shapes.

This 5 x 5 pin array geoboard is so versatile, it’s sure to become a favorite teaching tool! Marked with numbers on the left side and bottom for coordinate graphing and lettered pins so students can spell words on the board, then describe what type of shape the word made.

Excellent for the entire classroom or the overhead projector.

Geoboards develop problem solving and teach patterning, perimeter, symmetry and more. 
Standard 5 x 5 pin grid on single-sided Transparent Geoboard. Knobbed pins hold rubber bands in place.

Provides hands-on learning for preschoolers and older students. Geoboards teach children to think mathematically and introduce concepts such as congruence, angles, area
and more.

Educational Benefits:  To use as a tool in math geometry activities.

Small Transparent
6" x 6" GEOBOARD Transparent 5 x 5 Pin Array and Rubber bands

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