Games & Puzzles Activities Workbook

Games & Puzzles Deluxe Edition Activity Zone Workbook
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Games & Puzzles Activities Workbook
Ages 7 +

Keep the wiggles away with word and puzzle play.

This Activity Zone book is packed with crossword puzzles, games, word searches, codes, and other fun activities. Try puzzles like “Garden Math,” “Green and Growing,” and “It’s a Wet, Wet World!” Or have some word fun with “As Pretty as a…Mudslide?!” or “A Slime of Snails.” Your young learner will find out about mammals, numbers, sports, and yes, even etiquette, while playing games and solving riddles. Each educational activity is designed to approach learning from many directions. With informative paragraphs, funny drawings, and games to play alone or with a buddy, kids will be so engaged in Games & Puzzles, they won't be aware that they're actually learning. This one is a definite boredom buster!

Fun Features & Big Benefits

• 64 pages of colorful games and puzzles
• Wacky, full-color illustrations
• Golden Scholar Club free download gift card
• Perforated pages great for individual worksheets
• Parent Guide and Activities to Share pages
• Answer Key located at back
• Lots of learning for a low price!

Educational Benefits:

writing; numbers; spelling; categorization; identification; concentration logical reasoning; problem-solving; shapes; eye-hand coordination; parts of speech; vocabulary

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