Gallon Measurement Set

5 Piece Plastic Liquid Measurement Set
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Gallon Measurement Set

Ages 6 +
Grades 1 +
5 Piece Plastic Liquid Measurement Set

Familiar containers help students identify common liquid capacities.

The Gallon Set includes a set of five containers that have been designed to model coomon containers of measurement such as a gallon of milk and a carton of juice. The realistic shapes will help students relate to waht is used in real life situations.

  • Supports life-skills activities, science experiments, classroom demonstration and individual exploration of liquid measurements and related topics
  • Includes gallon, half-gallon, quart, pint and cup pieces resembling household containers that students recognize
  • Features clear markings of equivalencies
  • Provides Activity Guide with conversion tables
  • 5-Piece set is made of sturdy plastic
  • Each container has increment markings of ounces, cups, quarts, pints, half-gallon, and gallon where applicabel.

Use the Gallon Set to help students explore and compare liquid measurements. The set will help students visually see the differences in measurement quantities, plus help them convert between ounces, cups, quarts, pints, half-gallons, and gallons easily.

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