Fractions Math Game

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Ages 6 - 12
Players 2 - 4
Playing Time: 30 Minutes

An exciting fraction game with a domino twist! Two levels of play allow beginners to play with color-coded simple fractions, and then add color-coded decimals. The more advanced player will play the combination game matching fractions to their corresponding decimals. Includes fraction, picture fraction and decimal table.

Educational Benefits:

To become familiar with simple fractions and decimals.
To learn to match simple fractions to the correspnding decimals.
To learn arithmetic while having fun.

A fun way to learn simple fractions and decimals while having fun. Different levels of play include starting with color-coded simple fractions, then adding the color-coded decimals. Finally students get the practice they need to master fractions and decimals by playing the Combination Game. Self-correcting game cards.

60 Hexagonal Game Cards, Illustrated Instructions including fraction, picture fraction, and decimal tables

A Fraction, Picture Fraction and Decimal Table!

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